About us

Believing in music as a unifier and amplifier of culture we started the journey of starting a publishing company. Many things within publishing will have to change in the future and we are open for that. Coming from a practical but also academical background we are a team with great experience in copyright law, licensing, artists curation and writing as well as putting out music. We see in copyright a useful tool to ensure a participation for artists in the economic side of exploitation. As a middle man between artists and users our aim is to generate win-win-situations and bring great musicians and great listeners together. Besides that we run a record label called Nullpunkt Records.


Our vision is based on authenticity and we are looking for partners in sync (Movies, TV, Games, Advertisement). Our aim is to build collections of great compositions crossing fine art, pop, alternative, techno and applied sound design. If you are looking for a reliable partner with a growing repertoire of real deal music works that can follow your needs you should drop us a line via licensing@krone-publishing.com.

Demo policy

Are you a talented and creative author and composer? Your demo is welcome if you meet the following criteria. You should be authentic, have a community and gained some following. Convincing demos are unique, creative, well engineered and they show how well you can play with the audience. Please drop us a link with all infos and approx. 3-5 streamable and downloadable files. Please put the word 'patience' somewhere in the text and please send your application portfolio to demo@krone-publishing.com